Ways & Means


Thousand Oaks Woman's Club 

Ways & Means 2016-2017

We appreciate and thank all members who contribute items

    and time to keep our wonderful TOWC going. 


   September 50/50 Raffle, White Elephant & Girlie Bling Sale --

            Let's start off the year with a bang! Please include gently used item,

            unusual items,  small pictures,         

           "Knick Knacks", anything that might sell and even add bling and

            glitter that can be treasured by another member.       


   October    50/50 Raffle, Wine & Glasses Raffle: 

             Red, whites or blushes, we like them ALL !

             Candles and Halloween Decorations including Pumpkins.

             Baskets or individual items are welcomed.

    November   50/50 Raffle, Bake Sale and Cake Auction: 

              Donate baked items to sell or auction off such as pies, breads, tarts, cupcakes, bars, cookies  

              and other  holiday goodies. You may attach your recipe and please label each item that

              contains nuts or allergens. 

                            The most beautiful will be table centerpieces !

  December 50/50 Raffle, Holiday Mystery Raffle: 

              Let's be magical and imaginative with our mystery items that should be wrapped or bagged


             so no one can see what they are.  Get ready for your big surprise.



January   50/50 Raffle,  Valentine Candy Sale:  for your loved ones for February.

                 Handmade by our own Sharon Dyer.      


February  50/50 Raffle, Spring Fling Boutique and Hats!  Any arts and crafts items are requested.  

                 This is the time to  show off your talents, bring in those wonderful crocheted, knitted, craft items. 

                 Vintage hats or fascinators are also a great buy ! 

                Money Tree Tickets for Charity Luncheon will be available for early bird sale at

                 February's General Meeting.


March    50/50 Raffle , Bring your Spring Decorations and Floral Arrangements. 

               An array of candy by Sharon Dyer will be available. 

                Money Tree Raffle Tickets will be available for Early Bird Sale for Annual Charity Luncheon.


April -- Annual Charity Event -- Our Big Event of the Year !

             Money Tree $$$ Raffle Tickets Sale --

             Support our Club by Purchasing Money Tree $$$ tickets at the event.                                                                                                           

           Money $$ Tree $$ tickets at the Event.            Money $$ Tree $$ tickets at the Event.              Support our Club by purchasing Money Tree tickets at the Event.urchase  $$  TREE TICKETS  at the event./50 --- Bling, Purse, Wallet & Scarf Sale: 

May     50/50 Raffle.  Wine and/or Wine Glasses Raffle.  Bring either or both for a fun raffle.

             Father's Day and Graduation candy

             will be available from Sharon Dyer.


June     50/50 Raffle  --- Grand Finale Raffle Basket Mania:  Please donate  Specialty Themed

             BASKETS to raffle off at the meeting. Make group baskets with other members

             to share the cost if you want.


            Create  *summer baskets*, *movie/DVD baskets*,  *good read books*, bath products baskets*,

            *beach baskets*,  *children's baskets*,  *gardening baskets*, *summer decorations", etc.

Thank You for all your Support for Thousand Oaks Woman's Club